Evolving solutions

From Tetra to 5G, RAN through backhaul to Core network, Quamtelecom services are here to support you in the ever changing telecommunication world. Its experienced engineers are designing tools and solutions that will improve your Opex and curb your Capex.


We specialize in turn-key RF network design (Tetra, 2G,3G, LTE, iDAS,oDAS & WiFi), optimization & integration. We can provide custom software solutions for telecommunication companies and Big Data Analytics. In addition to an innovative network drive testing platform that simplifies and streamlines the data collection process and its associated analytics. Its friendly UI, un-centralized data processing and cloud interface all make its analysis practical, meaningful and time saving.


  • Radio Network Planning
  • Transmission Planning
  • Core Network Planning
  • Radio Network Optimisation
  • End-to-end Network Performance Management
  • Network Performance Benchmarking
  • Electromagnetic Field Measurements (EMF)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Indoor design and optimisation
  • Pre-Bid & RFQ Support
  • Rigging Services
  • Drive Test Services
  • Roll Out Support and Project Management
  • IoT Solutions
  • Telecom Training
  • Matlab Simulations


  • RF Passive Products
  • RF Active Products
  • RF Drive Testing Tool
  • Site Verification Tool
  • Cross-Vendor Performance Monitoring Tool

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